Helmets Can Save You From A Serious Brain Injury

November 02, 2012


Helmet laws are often a source of debate, and people argue about whether they should be mandatory for bicyclists and those who ride motorcycles. Regardless of where one stands on the debate, it is always wise to wear a helmet. The advantages clearly outweigh the annoyances, and helmets have saved many lives through the years.

The human skull is fairly strong. Pound for pound, bone is stronger than concrete. The bone that surrounds the brain, however, is relatively thin. Concrete and asphalt, on the other hand, tends to be laid thick. Even a stationary fall from a bike can lead to a cracked skull, and any structural damage to the skull can lead to brain damage and death. Recovery times from these brain injuries can be significant, and therapy might be needed for years. Further, those who ride bikes and motorcycles are always at risk of being struck by a car or truck, and the high speeds at which these vehicles travel at can lead to traumatic brain injury. While a brain injury attorney in Florida can help recoup the cost medical bills and other expenses, it is better to avoid brain damage in the first place.

Increasingly, researchers are discovering just how dangerous concussions truly are. Even one or two concussions is enough to cause permanent damage and pain. Helmets help distribute the force of an impact across more of the skull, which can reduce the likelihood of suffering a concussion from a fall or from being struck by a vehicle. Again, a Florida personal injury attorney can help, but nobody should suffer from the damage caused by a concussion that could have been avoided by wearing a helmet.

Another area where helmets help is by preventing gashes and cuts. While these injuries might not seem significant, a biker or motorcycle rider who falls in a remote area might not be discovered for a lengthy period of time. The head contains a large number of blood vessels, and gashes to the head can bleed profusely. Wearing a helmet reduces the likelihood of losing a significant volume blood before medical attention can be administered.

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