Top 5 Biggest Distractions When Driving

November 10, 2012

Today more than ever, drivers face the temptation to be distracted while driving. It seems there is more than ever before to be distracted with, many of those distractions having to do with advances in technology. From children in the car, to music, to other drivers, it is not hard to be distracted while driving. Being aware of the potential distractions you may face while driving and knowing how to not let them become distractions for you is the best way to remain a good driver and keep you and those around you safe.

The Top 5 Biggest Distractions When Driving are as follows:


1. Music

Whether it’s the radio, cd player or an iPod, 61 percent of drivers admit to being distracted by their own music while driving. Even though it only takes a second to change the radio station or put the iPod on shuffle, that is all it takes to encounter a fatal accident.


2. Refreshments

Food and drink are also a big source of distraction to drivers. A survey recently revealed that 51 percent of drivers admitted to being distracted and having their driving compromised by eating or drinking at least once during their own driving history. With so many of us on the go these days, we are all eating and drinking in our cars. Being distracted by our eating and drinking probably happens more times than we would like to admit.


3. Phone Calls and Texting

Whether we are the caller or the one being called, cell phone calls can create big distractions to drivers. 23 percent of drivers admit to being distracted by being on the phone while driving. 16 percent of drivers admit to texting while driving. These numbers may have decreased in recent years due to strong public advertising campaigns against driving while on the phone and texting, and also stiffer penalties for those ticketed while doing such an act.


4. Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have now entered the distracted driving arena with the invention of smart phones. Two percent of drivers have admittedly updated their facebook status while driving and one percent of drivers have admitted to tweeting while driving.


5. Cosmetics

Those running late to work in the mornings, or late for a date, end up applying their cosmetics in the car, leading to distracted driving. Five percent of motorist surveyed admitted to putting on some type of cosmetic product while driving.


Next time you get behind the wheel think about what distractions you might have and eliminate them before leaving for your destination. Distracted driving leads to many accidents per year, many which cause fatalities and life-changing injuries, such as brain injuries. If you have been the victim of a distracted driver in Florida, you should contact a Florida Personal Injury Attorney to help protect your rights, such as the Spinner Law Firm. If you have had a brain injury, the brain injury attorney Florida trusts most is Spinner Law Firm.

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