Ride Share Accidents



As more and more people in Florida come to rely on rideshare services, like Lyft and Uber, the rate of rideshare-related auto accidents has increased. Liability in ride share accidents is much more complex than in typical car accident cases because Uber and Lyft drivers have a different duty of care to others than the average motorist. Normally when a driver working for an employer causes an accident, the employer is usually responsible for damages. Ride share drivers are not technically under the employment of their respective rideshare companies but, rather, are like contracted employees or “independent contractors”. These factors make Uber and Lyft accidents very complicated to litigate.

Thankfully, Uber and Lyft do carry policies that are intended to help riders and drivers. The coverage levels afforded for ride share accidents, depend on what the Uber or Lyft driver was doing at the time of the accident. The following coverages can apply:

It is also important to note that Uber or Lyft coverage does not kick in until the rideshare driver’s personal auto insurance liability coverage has been paid out or tendered.

Accidents involving rideshare vehicles have the potential to result in serious, life altering injuries. Your best chance of recovering full compensation for your injuries is to contact an attorney who knows how to handle the insurance companies in ride share accident cases. The Tampa Bay ridesharing accident attorneys at Spinner Law Firm know the law and we fight to protect the rights of those injured in a ride share accident. We work diligently to determine who is at fault for the accident, investigate what insurance coverages apply, and to recover maximum compensation for our clients.

If you or a loved one was injured in a ride share accident involving Uber or Lyft, contact us today so we can walk you through the steps necessary to protect your rights and secure maximum compensation for your injuries.

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