Truck Bed Dangers

December 18, 2012

There are dangers in riding in pick-up truck beds, and as fun as riding in  the back of a truck with a bunch of buddies sounds, it’s dangerous.

Here are some of the dangers of riding in the bed of a pick-up truck:

No seat belts – There are no seat belts in a pick-up truck  bed. In most states, it is illegal for passengers of a vehicle to ride without  seat belts. There’s actually a law in some states that prohibit passengers under  the age of 18 to ride in truck beds unrestrained. While persons 18 years and  older are allowed to ride unrestrained in pick-up truck beds, the likelihood of  a minor accident turning fatal for them is doubled.

High chance of being ejected – Without seat belts, minor  bumps and other obstacles on the road may prove fatal. Riding in the bed of a  pick-up truck raises the chance for passengers to be ejected, turning a minor  collision into a fatal collision. In Florida alone, there have been a lot of  cases of passenger deaths due to ejection from a pick-up truck, and the truck  driver may be charged with vehicular homicide.

Designed for cargo, not passengers – The very existence of a  pick-up truck bed is solely for carrying cargo, not passengers. Even cargo  should be securely secured to the pick-up bed. Imagine what damage an  unrestrained 2X4 piece of wood could do if it were to fly through the rear  window in a crash.

Any vehicle should be driven and used only for its intended purpose. The bed  of a pick-up truck is NOT for transporting passengers. Pick-up truck operators  should always observe safety when it comes to driving and interacting with other  motorists.

A 24-year-old man was charged Monday with two counts of vehicular homicide in an April 12 crash on North Dale Mabry Highway that killed two men, troopers said.  Baker was driving a 2008 Ford pickup north in Carrollwood, on Dale Mabry Highway south of Stall Road, with two passengers in the bed when he lost control, Gaskins said.

The Ford swerved to the left, hit the grass median and overturned into the southbound lanes, Gaskins said.  Neco Jones, 18 and Benjamin Fowler, 20, who were riding in the back of the truck, were ejected. Jones was hit by a second vehicle as he lay in the road and died at the scene, Gaskins said. Fowler was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he died, Gaskins said.

The National Safety Commission works to increase awareness of important  safety issues, particularly those that deal with highway and traffic safety  information.  Remember that we are here to help.  If you or someone you know is injured in an automobile accident,  please call us.


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