5 Tips For Making An Injury Claim

October 11, 2012

When you are making an injury claim with your Florida personal injury attorney, there are five steps that you must follow to ensure that your claim is processed quickly and fairly.

1. Tell Your Attorney Everything. You must disclose everything to your attorney, good or bad. Tell your attorney about the incident in complete detail, even if you believe that you may have been partially at fault. Provide detailed information about your injury and subsequent recovery. Details are what make the case.
2. Do Not Miss Appointments. If you have any type of medical appointment, you need to make sure that you are there. It will look very bad for your case if the insurer sees that you are continually missing appointments.
3. Document Everything. When you go to an appointment, take notes of everything that happened at the appointment. If there are changes to your health or injury, document these very carefully and provide the notes to your attorney. Some injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, symptoms and problems can appear at a much later date. Your brain injury attorney Florida will provide you with specific guidelines to follow if you suffered this type of injury.
4. Follow Medical Instructions. If your doctor states that you need therapy, go to therapy. If you believe that the doctor is not treating your condition correctly, or if there are no improvements, the attorney can request second opinions. The insurance company, however, may deny these requests if you are not following medical advice.
5. Don’t Fake Your Injuries If You Are Recovered. Nearly all people that are injured will make a full recovery. Of course, there are exceptions, but in most cases it is known by all people involved that a full recovery is not expected. Insurance companies will video tape you when you are making a claim against them. If you are videotaped performing tasks that you should not be able to do with your injury, your case can be dismissed.
The most important thing to remember is that when you have been injured, you have the right to receive compensation. Keeping the entire case open and honest will allow you to proceed quickly and receive a fair settlement.

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