Understanding Contingency Fees

March 11, 2014

Only a limited number of attorneys accept cases on a contingency fee. Under this type of arrangement, the client pays no money out of pocket to hire a lawyer. Instead, the lawyer’s fee is solely dependant upon the successful handling of the case and paid directly from the settlement proceeds. Contingency fee agreements are most common in cases involving claims for monetary damages, including personal injury cases.

Why use contingency fee agreements?
The legal system should be available to anyone that needs it. In fact, the Seventh Amendment of the U.S. Constitution affords all individuals in the United States the right to a fair trial. The Florida personal injury lawyers at Spinner Law Firm work on a contingency-fee basis in order to allow auto accident and injury victims to pursue justice without risking their own money in the process. This simply means that we do not earn a legal fee unless we win your case.

What about litigation costs?
Some cases may require your lawyers to use a lot of their own resources to advance your case. To bring a successful claim in the State of Florida it can be necessary to hire experts, including forensic engineers, accident Re-constructionists, and medical witnesses. There can also costs associated with investigation as well as vehicle storage, video production, visual aids, filing fees, travel expenses, and a whole lot more. At Spinner Law Firm, we have been helping accident victims for over a decade and we have the experience and resources to finance your entire case which gives you the opportunity to have your case heard all the way through completion without costing you a single penny. At the conclusion of your case, and only if we are successful, our costs are reimbursed directly from the settlement or verdict.

To learn more about contingency fees, please feel free to contact our firm.

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