Top five automobile safety features 2013

February 28, 2013

Safety is huge for drivers, but is never a guarantee.  Even after every precaution is taken, accidents are still prone to happen.  Auto makers are aware of this, and are going great lengths to make their cars safer for the driver and those around them.  Here are some new technologies that are emerging in the latest automobiles that can make that small but crucial difference.

  • The Cadillac XTS comes with a new feature never seen before known as the tactile-warning safety seat.  This system is installed underneath both front seats, and detects repetition patterns underneath the car, like lines on the street or highway markers.  If you have a tendency to drift off while driving, the alarm will detect it and vibrate under the seat.  The new Ford Fusion also has this feature, but it vibrates the steering wheel instead of the seat.
  •      New innovations with airbags are also emerging in the market.  The new Buick Enclave comes standard with front-center mounted airbags that deploy in the middle of the car.  These prevent the driver from flying to the other side in a side-swipe accident, or butting heads with the front passenger.  It can also provide additional protection when the car rolls, preventing the driver from being tossed around as much.
  • Many cars come with console screens and rearview cameras for backing up safely.  Infinity has taken this concept to the next level in its new JX35 model by adding a 360 degree view above the car itself.  Alongside this, it delivers audible warnings when it detects moving objects behind or around the car while backing up.  On top of that, a backup Collision Intervention System hits the brakes if objects go undetected by the driver.    To further utilize the screens, the new Honda Accord comes with small cameras installed on the rearview mirrors, intended to record the blind spots of the driver.  The images are place on the center console screen when the turn signal is turned on.  Difficult lane changes in high traffic will be made easier with the cameras, but it is by no means a replacement for being aware of your surroundings already.
  • Unwary drivers can sometimes get a flat tire.  In the new Nissan Altima, drivers are provided with a tire pressure alert system, also known as an EasyFill.  This device allows for the driver to fill up the tire at a gas station to the appropriate level without under or overfilling it.  When filling, the car honks when the appropriate amount of air has been reached, and honks continuously when too much air has been put in.  Pressure alert systems will be helpful for those who are unaware of proper air levels in tires.

Although new safety features are emerging, it is always important to practice safe driving skills.  But by all means, get the features anyway, for they could save your life.

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