Top 5 Ways To Stay Safe During Gasparilla And Super Bowl:

January 25, 2012

Floridians will have no shortage of opportunities to celebrate in the upcoming weekends. With the Gasparilla Parade in Tampa Bay this weekend and the Super Bowl kickoff set for February 5th many will be planning parties and attending events. Most will be commuting to their destinations and increasing the chances of car accidents on the roadways. Here are some tips to avoid any injury or property damage and remain safe over the next two weekends:


1. Park in a safe and secured area – Many individuals will be traveling to Tampa for Gasparilla or maybe just traveling nearby to attend a local Super Bowl Party. Wherever you go try to park your car in a secured garage or parking lot. If possible, avoid street parking or unlit parking lots so as to avoid any possibility of break-ins or hit-and-run accidents. Taking these precautions will also reduce the chances of you suffering any property damage to your vehicle.

2. Be aware of other drivers – Many individuals will be commuting to Tampa to attend the Gasparilla Parade. This means that the roads and highways will have a bit more congestion. Stay a safe distance away from other drivers to allow yourself time to react. Keeping a safe distance will help you avoid any rear end accidents as well as distracted drivers.

3. Inspect your car and roadside supplies before you leave the house – Before you travel on the highway inspect your car and make sure that you have the proper roadside materials to make yourself visible to other drivers on the road in case you have car troubles. Roadside flares, flashers and flashlights will warn oncoming traffic that you are having car problems increasing your chances of roadside assistance and also decreasing the chances of injury.

4. Lock your car – While these two weekends can be great fun they are also great opportunities for some people to get free goodies from your car. Cars will commonly be parked along the streets or in crowded parking lots creating an environment conducive to vandalism. Locking your car will deter others from easy access to your personal belongings.

5. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE – This is the greatest way to avoid any personal injury and car accidents over these next two weekends. Gasparilla and the Super Bowl are many times accompanied by parties which serve alcohol, and plenty of it. Unfortunately, some of these party goers will drink and drive putting everyone at risk. Not making these decisions will significantly reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident or causing the wrongful death of another. Furthermore, taking a taxi will give you a greater chance of avoiding irresponsible drivers.

From: Injury Board network.

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