Parents should prepare teen drivers for summer months

May 15, 2012

Parents of teenagers who drive should prepare them for summer driving by going over safety tips with these young drivers. The months between Memorial Day and Labor Day are extremely deadly for drivers aged 15 to 20 years old, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

  • Wear Seatbelts: Tell teenagers that a seat belt could save their life in a car accident. Statistics show that teenagers are most likely to not use a seatbelt, but seatbelts are the most effective life-saving device in crashes.
  • No Alcohol: Never assume that your teen knows not to drink and drive. Make sure your teen knows the dangers of driving under the influence and warn them never to get into a vehicle with someone who’s been drinking. Remind them to watch out for friends who may do this as well.
  • No Speeding: Make sure your teenagers leave plenty of time to get to their summer activities so that they are not tempted to speed.
  • Distracted Driving: Remind your teen driver to avoid distractions such as texting, cell phone use, loud music and any activities that take their eyes away from the road.
  • Take a drive. Is your son or daughter driving friends to a summer concert? Tell your teen you will drive the route with him or her to make sure they know exactly where they are going.
  • Set a passenger limit. Always set a strict limit on the number of passengers allowed in the car. There should be no more than one teen passenger in the car. Less is more.
  • Make a curfew. Teens should have limits. Tell them when they are expected to come home and tell them the time is not debatable.
  • Be a good example. Set a good example and drive safely. Never use a cell phone, speed or drink and drive.
  • Teen driving laws in your state can be found at:
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