How to Stay Safe at Dangerous Intersections

May 21, 2014

Florida has some of the most dangerous intersections in the country. According to the State of Florida DOT, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Polk Counties are on its top ten list for vehicle crashes involving bicycles or pedestrians. Many of the crashes are deadly. Statewide, 500 people a year die in these kinds of crashes. Just this past weekend it was reported that a fatal Land O’ Lakes auto accident occurred when a driver failed to stop at a stop sign, crossing into the traffic on SR 41, causing a fatal collision between vehicles.
As a Tampa Bay driver, you need to know what to do when you approach an intersection with traffic lights, stop signs, other signage, or no signage at all. You also need to know which intersections are especially dangerous and what to do if you are involved in a crash.

How to Prevent Intersection Crashes
You can do your part to avoid intersection crashes by driving with caution as you approach, enter, and leave an intersection. Make sure you:

  • 1. Look to all sides when you approach an intersection, making sure to watch for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • 2. Understand the rules of the intersection. Who has the right of way? Who has a stop sign or traffic light?
  • 3. Slow down. Even if you have the right of way, approach the intersection cautiously in case another driver is negligent.

Get Help if You’ve Been Hurt in an Intersection Accident
If you are hurt at an intersection in Land O’ Lakes or any other intersection in the Tampa Bay area, it is important to protect your legal rights and possible recovery. At Spinner Law Firm, Tampa Bay Injury Attorneys we represent victims of accidents at Tampa Bay’s most dangerous intersections, including Land O’ Lakes, Lutz, Odessa, and Wesley Chapel.Learn more about your legal rights by contacting us today at (813) 991-5099.

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