Do I Need an Attorney After a Wreck?

August 17, 2022

Managing your injuries, emotions, and financial losses after a wreck is a fairly complex and oftentimes, overwhelming process. Personal injury attorneys provide so much insight and advocacy, and since the fee structure only allows the attorney to be paid if the claim is successful, more often than not, hiring an attorney is a wise decision. Following are a few reasons why hiring a lawyer can be beneficial after a car wreck:

Insight and Clarity
One of the scariest parts of a motor vehicle collision is how little most people know about the insurance claims process. How do bills get paid? Where may I seek treatment? How do I get my vehicle fixed? How much should I be compensated for everything I’ve been through?

As these questions start mounding and the phone calls start coming from various insurance companies, the process may seem daunting. When you hire a personal injury attorney, you are gaining an unequivocal advocate/teammate, whose sole purpose is to make sure your best interests are put first. All of the questions above can be discussed and answered with an attorney, sometimes even during the first consultation.

Hiring a lawyer takes the guesswork and “googling” out of the equation, putting your mind at ease.

There are not very many deadlines in a personal injury claim in Florida, however, the deadlines that do exist are very important. The sooner you are able to consult with and hire a lawyer, the sooner those deadlines can be calendared and monitored. Don’t lose sleep wondering if your time to bring a claim or finish a claim passed you by.

There are many different types of “damages” to be addressed in a personal injury claim. Economic damages, non-economic damages, permanent impairment, and punitive damages to name a few. How are these damages calculated and do these damages add value to your claim? How do you quantify pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment of life?

Personal injury attorneys determine these values, answer these questions, and argue with insurance companies or defense attorneys about the fair and just value of their client’s claims on a daily basis. Likewise, the other side is trained to minimize your claim’s value and works to do so daily as well. As such, negotiating for yourself may leave value on the table.

Like I said above, take the guesswork out of this and allow an attorney to make sure your best interests are served.

Communication goes both ways. First, attorneys advise any interested party of their representation and ask that they not contact the client about anything involving the claim. This allows the attorney to put up a “firewall” around you, protecting you from constant phone calls and letters and allows you to focus on what is important: getting healthy.

Second, a good personal injury attorney should be available to take your calls and should check in on you and your treatment frequently. This enables you to have a reliable partner to share your experiences/struggles, your hopeful improvement through treatment, and even just vent about the frustrations of this uninvited process.

Avoiding communication from all of the various parties in these claims, along with knowing you can communicate with your attorney and their staff is one of the most important reasons to hire a lawyer.

There are a lot of other reasons to hire an attorney after a motor vehicle wreck. Even if you are unaware whether you are ready to hire an attorney, you should absolutely consult with one to find out what your rights are.

Spinner Law Firm offers a free consultation. We are always happy to talk with you about your situation. Call us or send us a message on our website/social media to get started today!

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