A Brain Injury Attorney Can Help Ease Challenges for Victims and Families

September 25, 2012

The chances of sustaining permanent brain damage increases whenever someone receives a blow to the head or neck area. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the medical term to describe the effect that a sudden jolt or blow to the head can cause. Brain function becomes disrupted and the victim may lose consciousness immediately after the blow. However, TBI may occur even if the person is not unconscious.

According to medical researchers, most TBI cases arise from common instances such as:

• Traffic accidents
• Truck or vehicle collisions
• Injuries while working

It can be challenging to care for a person with TBI. Because no two brains are the same, treatment for a TBI patient does not include a specific roadmap. In some cases, TBI is misdiagnosed or missed completely. When a patient is diagnosed with TBI, treatment requires specialized rehabilitation and support services.

Typically, family members become the primary caregivers for TBI patients. This presents many challenges in the caregiver’s life as well as the patient. In addition to these life-adjusting situations, filing a lawsuit after a brain injury presents its own set of challenges. Some TBI cases are difficult to prove when there is a lack of objective evidence.

Objective evidence is considered something that is measured and observed in a medical condition. Examples of this are an x-ray or MRI. However, evidence related to a TBI case is subjective where the patient endures certain symptoms. These include changes in mood, headaches and anxiety.

Proving these cases in court usually requires expert testimony by medical professionals such as a neuropsychologist. The assistance of a Florida personal injury attorney is also necessary to help the patient and caregiver during this time. A brain injury attorney Florida may hire experts to perform various tests to produce objective evidence.

A skilled Florida personal injury attorney is capable of developing evidence beyond medical records. The opposing side, often an insurance company, has the resources to find expert testimony to counter the TBI patient’s physicians. In addition, a brain injury attorney Florida can also use the testimony of the patient’s employer regarding the change in work habits.

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