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Nursing Home Abuse is Real and Its Happening Everyday!

Growing up, and for the better part of our lives our parents are our heroes. Raising up to be the men and women we are, teaching us right from wrong, and caring for our every need, above their own. And while their strength and resilience in raising a child may be a hallmark of our relationship with them, we all get older. And with age, often comes issues like dementia, memory loss, and a whole host of physical limitations – while it is difficult to see our parents like this, no longer able to care for themselves, some of us, with the financial ability are able to provide them with residency at a nursing home. And while it might be frowned upon for some families, a quality, private nursing home can provide an amazing, active and well-taken care of life for someone who is retired and no longer able to live completely on their own. Many of these nursing homes are extremely costly, and for the price we expect our parents and grandparents to be taken care of and given the utmost care and respect, however one common issue that has arisen over the last few years has been nursing home abuse, and the maltreatment of the elderly residents by the staff members of these nursing home. These situations are far more common than you might think, and have already amounted to millions of dollars in damages during personal injury lawsuits. According to Zephyrhills personal injury lawyer, Mr. Charles Spinner, Esq. nursing home abuse can be considered a form of medical malpractice, as the staff members are generally medical professionals of some sort. If you feel you or your loved one may be the victim of nursing home abuse, then don’t hesitate to find out more about a possible personal injury lawsuit. To better educate you on all there is to know about the process, Zephyrhills personal injury attorney,Charles Spinner, offers us this important information below.

At a nursing home, residents are generally seeking comprehensive medical care and professional assistance in order to maintain their day-to-day activities.The services available at nursing homes can be vital to some residents, who are completely incapable of living on their own or caring for themselves, whether it be for mental or physical issues. Once you take up residency at a nursing home, according toZephyrhills personal injury lawyer, Charles Spinner, there comes an expectation to be cared for in a way that both preserves their dignity and has a positive impact on the patient’s wellbeing. This means that they should not only be cared for properly, physically (having their needs met), but residents must also be treated with kindness, respect, and not be ridiculed or “made fun of” for any reason at all.

According to Zephyrhills personal injury attorney, Mr. Charles Spinner there are generally two main types of nursing home abuse, mental and physical. The thing with physical is that it is rare, as it takes a lot for an individual to physical harm or hurt an elderly individual. In cases of physical abuse, the evidence is quite visible, whether it be by camera footage or bruises and physical scarring or other injuries suffered by the resident. This is why emotional abuse is far more rampant, and difficult to prove. Another issue that can often complicate things is that the residents of nursing homes are of a very advanced age, and may already have a history of mental incapacity, dementia, memory impairment, or even have some type of issue communicating properly. Therefore, as a child or grandchild or a nursing home resident, it is vital to visit your relative on a regular basis, as it will not only make them feel better and more loved, but will help you to keep an eye on the situation and see how they are being treated and if there is any cause of concern, ie. Someone taking advantage of them in anyway or abusing the. Common signs of nursing home abuse to look out for as a relative are:

· Unexplained changes in behavior.

· An unexplained sense of fear and anxiety, especially in the presence of staff members and workers.

· Lack of interest in social interaction, or withdrawal.

It may be difficult for them to cry out for help, but it is important for you to identify the issues that may be taking place. When you do, it is vital that you reach out to Zephyrhills personal injury attorney, Mr. Charles Spinner, Esq. as your loved one may be entitled to a personal injury lawsuit and countless damages – this will help stop the abuse before it goes any further. For more information contact Zephyrhills Personal Injury Lawyer, Mr. Charles Spinner today.

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