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5 Steps After Your Slip and Fall

One of the most interesting things about the depiction of lawyers, especially personal injury law, is that when TV shows, or movies attempt to poke fun at this aspect of the legal world they almost ALWAYS, point out a slip and fall. In fact, according to some researchers, slip and fall incidents are the 2nd most depicted personal injury claim in movies over the last 100 years, second to only car accidents, which are undoubtedly more common. And sure, I mean we get the joke, plus, sometimes, when a person falls, it can be somewhat humorous – except in a situation where the person ia actually injured. In fact, most slip and falls are no laughing matter at all, and should be taken quite seriously – especially when they are a result of the negligence of another party. As the Top Personal Injury Lawyer Zephyrhills has to offer, Mr. Charles Spinner, has spent years helping clients get the justice, as well as the monetary compensation they deserve. Throughout his years, he has accounted for several millions in damages for clients, but nothing feels better than seeing someone who has been wronged get the justice they deserve. According to Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury lawyer Zephyrhills has in practice, in the event you were involved in a slip and fall incident, the worst thing you can do is try to shrug it off – take it seriously, as this could mean for a terrible life ahead or an opportunity to heal up and properly and fight against the negligent party. Before you think about what to do next, here are the next few steps you need to take, when you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident.

· Don’t Try to Get Up, Seek Medical Attention!

The worst thing someone can do in the event of an accident of slip and fall is to try and move someone, or trying to get up and move on their own. Take stock of your body parts, and try to decipher if there’s any damage of big breaks – sometimes you wont even be able to tell from the initial shock, so its best to wait for medical attention help. Go to the hospital if directed to do so. If you do not go to the hospital right away, visit a doctor within 48 hours. In his experience as the top personal injury lawyer Zephyrhillshas practicing, Mr. Spinner knows there are injuries such as a head injury that may not be immediately obvious to you. You will need a doctor’s record of examining and treating you for injuries to file a claim.

· Report to the Police and Others

A police report is so vital in these types of instances, as they show that an authority figure has already been on the scene and ruled on the natter, without any bias. If your on a public property of some kind, Find out who is in charge of the property where you fell — the owner or property manager — and let them know that you fell and were injured. Ask to file a formal report. Some businesses will have policies and notification procedures to follow and forms to complete, but many do not.

· Find Witnesses, Take Numbers Down or Ask Someone With You

Witnesses are key to any case, if you can yourself, or if someone who is with you or willing to help you, can take down numbers of possible witnesses in the event their testimony is needed down the line. Ask them to give a statement you can record on your phone while its fresh on their mind.

· Put Together a File Folder

Start accumulating everything in regard to this case, in one place – to make it easier on you and your lawyer in the future. Every bill or receipt for medical attention (everything! Even the receipts for band aids!). All accident reports, all witness statements and contact info, the photos you will take, days you missed from work, things that got damaged as a result of your fall, ANY AND EVERYTHING about the claim.

· Take Notes and Photos

Memory isn’t the best way to go about this stuff, take as many pics as you can and as many notes as you can. Write down whatever you or someone near you can, and make sure to take photos of everything possible. Any damages, any evidence, ANYTHING!

Of course, the most important thing to do once you’ve left the scene is to contact an attorney, like Mr. Spinner. For more information or to schedule your legal consultation, please call Spinner Law Firm today.

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