When should I hire a lawyer?

Ideally, you want to retain a personal injury attorney right from the outset. This way we can coordinate a lot of things. When a person is first injured the insurance company sends a lot of documents over to them. Making sense of everything and knowing what information to provide to the insurance company can be daunting. We help you complete those forms and navigate through the insurance issues. Often times the insurance adjuster will be calling the client trying to get a recorded statement. It’s important to have an attorney involved in that process to protect your rights so that you don’t say something that the insurance company may use against you later in your case. Right after the accident is the best time for us to begin working on your case. It allows us to move quickly to interview witnesses, gather evidence, and inspect the vehicles. This all becomes more difficult with the passage of time that is why it is important to get an attorney involved right away.

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