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4 Common Auto Accident Mistakes

In recent years, the state of Florida has seen a tremendous increase in the number of auto accident cases and claims. While some might attribute the rise to the increase in the number of younger drivers, most experts believe the issue is a bit more involved and likely has to do with the increase in the number of drivers on the road as a whole. According to Mr. Charles Spinner of Spinner Law Firm, the top auto accident attorney Florida has to offer, the sheer volume of vehicles and road congestion has meant the roads throughout the major cities in the state have become quite susceptible to car accidents. And with such an increase, these numbers may only get worse as time goes on. With motor vehicle accidents being such a concern amongst Floridians in this day and age, it is vital that we understand exactly what should be done in the case when you yourself are involved in one. According to Mr. Spinner, the top auto accident attorney Florida has practicing, there are a number of common mistakes individuals will make following their accident and this can cost them thousands of dollars in the long term and even put them at risk of jail time. The state of Florida is one of the more lenient in some regards of auto accidents, however in instances where you don’t follow proper protocol the government may punish you the furthest extent of the law,. Here are some of the most common and most costly mistakes people make following a car accident.

· Leaving the Scene

This is definitely one of the biggest crimes in terms of auto accidents – fleeing the scene of an accident. No matter if you are the one at fault or the one who was the victim, fleeing the scene will almost always result in some type of criminal charge and will likely have to pay a huge fine. This is also a major reason why Mr. Spinner will deny an individuals case, as the likelihood of succeeding in or out of court is next to none.

· Not Having a Police Report Made

It is vital to call 911 and make a police report after ANY accident, no matter how small you might think it is. Even in instances where someone might tap your bumper and produce a slight scratch, without a police report they can damage their car and call the police themselves, claiming that you hit them and fled. Without having the police document exactly what happened it is very difficult to tell what happened. The police report provides you an official record of what happened, when and who was the main party at fault. The thing to do after an accident is to stop at a safe area, pull over, assess your health and well being as well as the well being of the other party, check your vehicle, assess the damage and call 911.

· Start a Fight

This will only end badly for you. Starting a fighting or getting angry, especially in the state of Florida where many drivers tend to carry firearms with them, can end in not just a small fight, but you or another party losing their life. No matter how upset you might be, car accidents happen all the time, keep your cool and contact the authorities immediately. As the top auto accident attorney Florida has in practice, Mr. Spinner has had to take on many cases in which his clients have had to file a claim against a party due to an assault, and the other party’s anger allowed them to win the case, despite the client being the at-fault driver in the accident itself.

· Explain What Happened WITHOUT Admitting Fault

Fault in a car accident is a tricky thing, and regardless of what happened, its technically not for your job to assess who is at fault. That is for the police and insurance companies to decide. Fault is assessed often on a percentage basis, for instance, you might be 30% at fault while the other driver might be 70%. Mr. Spinner always warns his clients from using the words “It was my fault” or even apologizing to an extent that you are taking fault.

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