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5 Tips to Maximize Your Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury claims are by far some of the most common legal cases across the US. Unlike criminal suites, which are brought by the government against an individual or entity, a personal injury claim is a type of civil suite initiated by an injured party, against a negligent person or entity. These types of claims assert and must prove that the defendant (negligent party) is liable for any injuries, and the associated financial costs, again, due to their negligent actions. As the injured party, one of the first and most important steps to filing a personal injury claim is to find a qualified personal injury lawyer San Antonio, FL and the surrounding areas have quite a few to choose from, but few have got the experience and the impeccable track record of Charles Spinner, Esq. of Spinner Law Firm. A strong personal injury lawyer will help guide you through the complexities involved with filing your claim, as well as preventing you from making any common mistakes that could hinder your claim or even forfeit your legal right to a claim. As the top personal injury lawyer San Antonio, FLhas in practice, Mr. Spinner and his team have been able to recover millions of dollars in damages for their clients over the years and depending on the specifics of each case, either took the claim to trial or levied for a settlement. Deciding whether to pursue a full-fledged lawsuit, or to negotiate a settlement is an important consideration to make. While these types of claims are fairly common across the country, statistics show that only about 5% of all personal injury cases actually go to trial, with the remainder being settled beforehand. The reason for this is the tremendous burden of proof placed upon the victim in these types of claims – of the cases that do make it to trial, only about 10% are winners. So having a good lawyer to advise you on whether to move forward with trial or not is vital.

Regardless of whether you decide to take a case to trial or levy for a settlement, if your case is strong enough, there is a good chance you will be able to garner some type of financial compensation for your injuries. Generally, Charles Spinner, will try to accumulate as much evidence in your favor in order to bolster your claim and maximize the amount of compensation. His excellent track record is why he is considered the top personal injury lawyer San Antonio, FL has to offer. Your compensation is calculated based on a few different factors including: medical bills, rehabilitation costs, loss of present & future earning potential, pain & suffering, physical & emotional trauma, and other factors that affect both you and your loved ones. While these factors are fairly straightforward, there are a few important measures you and your attorney can take to help ensure you get the highest possible financial compensation.

· See a Doctor Right Away

The basis of your entire claim relies heavily upon the injuries you suffered during the incident, therefore it is very important to seek medical attention documenting these injuries immediately after the accident occurs. Part of your compensatory damages will be your medical bills, and rehabilitation costs and having a strong medical professional officially document the severity of your injuries will encourage the other party to offer you a much higher settlement. Be sure to follow up with your medical care and see the doctor as often as you can – as some symptoms can appear after the fact.

· Collect & Preserve ALL Evidence

Evidence in such a case is the key to proving the negligence of the other party, whether you are going to trial or levying for a settlement. Take photos & videos of the incident, your injuries, the area in which it occurred and if possible, anything that shows the other party’s negligence first-hand. Witnesses are also very important pieces of evidence. Try to collect names and contact info of any witnesses who may have seen the accident. As the top personal injury lawyer San Antonio, FL has to offer, Mr. Spinner and his legal team will work tirelessly to contact thee individuals and take their full statements.

· Don’t Waste Any Time

The sooner after your injury occurs you file your personal injury claim the better it will be for your case. Depending on your area there is a stature of limitations for how long you have to file a claim. Also once you file your claim, your personal injury attorney will be able to begin formally looking for evidence, begin taking witness statements, and negotiate a settlement with the other party.

· Fully Account for the Future

This is a common mistake of an inexperienced personal injury attorney, not understanding the full extent of future damages. Depending upon the severity of injury, you may need rehabilitation, doctor visits, prescription medication, and other medical issues. Also the injuries may affect your future earning potential, for instance if you can no longer work certain jobs or have to take time off work. It is better to overestimate and negotiate from there, rather than undercut your own claim.

· Say as Little as Possible Online & Offline

Often times personal injury claims are lost due to the sheer amount of resources of the other party, as most larger cases are filed against insurance companies and corporations in addition to the actual individual who was involved. With their massive legal resources, their team of lawyers will scour your social media or even follow you in real life, to see if you might be overplaying your injuries or even faking them. If you claim you have difficulty walking without a cane or crutches, and a friend posts a Facebook picture of you dancing at a local club – it is almost guaranteed the other party will find it and completely destroy your case.

Follow these 5 simple steps and you can drastically increase the amount of your compensation. The most important thing about a personal injury claim is to hire the right attorney and follow his or her directions. A qualified personal injury attorney like Charles Spinner is experienced enough to know what will help and hurt a case. For more info or to schedule a personal injury consult, contact Spinner Law Firm today.

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