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Accidents & Fatalities WithCell Phone Use in Florida

Driving is a privilege and a luxury, no matter where you are and what walk of life you come from. And as a driver, once you are officially licensed and legally allowed to be on the road, there are certain rules and regulations that you are obligated to follow. These laws are not just for your safety, but for the others around you. As the top Personal Injury Attorney Dade City has in practice, Mr. Charles Spinner helps his clients to understand that one of the most important by far is to avoid using your cellphone while driving a vehicle, an issue that has become quite important over the last few years across the US. Relative to most states in the union, Florida has some of the laxest rules on cell phone use while driving. According to Charles Spinner of Spinner Law Firm, considered the top personal injury attorney Dade City has in practice, this is mainly because laws dictate that law enforcement in the state of Florida cannot pull an individual over and issue them a citation for just cell phone use alone – despite the activity being illegal! This is one of the most interest caveats in the state’s law book and often allows many drivers to get away with this illegal action. Officers can only issue a citation in addition, when they are already pulling an individual over for another reason such as a broken taillight or for having taken a red light.

Regardless of the law itself, cell phone use is on the rise all throughout the nation and has been a leading contributor to distracted drivers. These distracted drivers have led to a drastic increase in vehicle accidents and even mortalities whilst driving. However, according to the top personal injury attorney Dade City has to offer, Mr. Charles Spinner, in April of 2019, only about a month or two ago, the state of Florida joined countless others as they passed a bill to make texting and driving a primary offense. These changes will likely going into effect in July 2019. Here are some important consequences and occurrences that often happen as a result of such negligence.

Car Accidents& Fatalities

Whether it is talking on the cellphone or texting on a cellphone, either of these activities while operating a motor vehicle, are highly risky behaviors and can often cause an accident, involving either the one individual or additional individuals. In fact, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), distracted driving contributed to almost 270,000 accidents on Florida’s roads in 2017, including 234 fatal crashes and more than 40,000 crashes with injuries. This is an exorbitant amount of carnage that has come about, simply as a result of distracted drivers and many individuals have been put into harms way as a result of being distracted. According to Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury lawyer Lutz has to offer, more than 3600 of such crashes have been definitely a product of electronic device distractions which occurred solely in the year 2018 alone. In these crashes a number of individuals were injured and therefore were able to file personal injury lawsuits, against the negligent party, as their specific negligence was the sole specific reasoning for their injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of the negligence of another individual, it is vital to hire a lawyer such as the top personal injury lawyer Lutz has to offer, Mr. Charles Spinner. One of the biggest issues with this, is that the vast majority of offenders are between the ages of 20 and 29 years old and thy make up 35 % of all cell-phone related fatal crashes. In comparison, those individuals from the age of 30 to 39 make up a little more than 20 percent of fatal accidents resulting from cell phones, while those from age 40 to 49 make up only 15 percent.

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