Florida Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

What to Do if You’re Injured in a Cruise Ship Accident?

Here in Florida, cruise ships and luxury liners are an incredibly popular form of tourism. From couples, young and old, to families and groups of friends – cruise ships have become a staple in the Florida community, even attracting countless locals on each and every ship. And while they might be packed with people, ready to enjoy good food, good drink, and the fun, party atmosphere of the tropics, in recent years disaster has struck a number of cruise ships in the Florida area. And it has often been the fault of those in charge. In the event you or your loved one is seriously injured in a cruise ship accident, especially as a result of another party’s negligence, it is important to be extremely aware in regard to your next few steps. You must make sure you preserve your legal rights and ensure that you take note of or even document, in some form or fashion, the other party’s negligence. While this holds true for all manner of personal injury cases, it is especially important when you are involved in a cruise ship accident claim for a few key reasons, including:

· Cruise ship employees are trained to act and speak in a manner that protects the cruise ships liability – while they will likely help you find medical attention, it is unlikely for them to be on your side and they will try to cover their liability as much as possible.

· You are still “on their turf”. Its important to understand that after you are injured, you will still be in their care, on their ship, in possibly foreign waters – without any of the advantages of being in your own home town or even on land for that matter.

· You will have to do with what limited resources there are until they can figure out a means of either making landfall or having you sent to the nearest hospital.

· It is very possible that prior to boarding the ship, you signed some type of legal document, that may in some way affect your ability to hold them liable in certain instances.

These are essentially the pitfalls of being on a boat that doesn’t belong to you, possibly in the middle of foreign waters. But if you hire a qualified Florida cruise ship injury attorney, he will be able to help you to navigate around these hurdles. In Florida cruise ship injury attorney are not hard to come by, as it seems like there’s one on every block! But few have got the skill, experience, or the proven track record of Dade City personal injury attorney, Charles Spinner, Esq. He and his team at Spinner Law Firm, have recovered tens of millions of dollars in personal injury damages, for a variety of clients over the years – including suits and settlements against a few different cruise lines. Considering that it will be quite difficult for you to contact a someone like Dade City personal injury attorney, Charles Spinner, in the event you have been injured, it might be a good idea to retain the services of an attorney or at least have one in mind to call in this type of event. In addition, knowing the laws of the area is important, so hiring or even just holding a consultation with a Florida cruise ship injury attorney prior to your trip will help you to better understand what to do in certain circumstances. While that is your decision, here is a list of steps you should take immediately following your injury. This list will not only look out for your health and safety but will make sure to keep the case legally viable and help you prove the other party’s negligence.

· Medical Attention On-Board

Sure, it is highly unlikely there is a hospital or anything close on-board the cruise ship. However, all luxury cruise liners will have an infirmary or clinic on-board. While they may not have all the options you would on-land, you must take advantage of everything they have to offer – as this will help document & prove your injuries later on. Some ships may try to charge you at this moment, to discourage you from seeking medical help. But pay whatever they ask, and make sure to keep a record of EVERYTHING. As per Dade City personal injury attorney, Charles Spinner, it is important to make sure you are extremely careful and do not try to be “tough” in this scenario. If you have even the faintest bit of pain in an area, get it treated, bandaged, everything possible – as this will help prove your injuries down the line. The key isn’t to fake anything, but to ensure you are covered in case symptoms are delayed or worsen down the line.

· Report the Incident & Get Copies of EVERYTHING

This is vital, but you need to report what happened to the people of the ship and make sure it is understood that you would like to make an official complaint of negligence on behalf of the cruise ship. Make sure to get copies of everything as well, your official complaint, medical records, any documentation, forms, etc. There will likely be something called a Passenger Injury Statement, this is vital as it outlines your injuries – this is important for your cruise ship accident claim, as it is documented by the cruise ship’s medical staff.

· Document Everything with Photos & Videos

Once you have levied your official complain to the ship, it is time to get your documentation ready. This means taking pictures of every single thing, including, where the injury occurred, anything that may have been damaged or out of place that led to your injury, how it happened, when it happened, and how the ship was negligent in this situation. Also photograph your actual injury if possible, any blood, wounds, scars or bruises – anything that can help to prove the extent of your injuries. A Florida cruise ship injury attorney like Charles Spinner will be able to use these images later on when levying for a trial or a settlement with their lawyers.

· Get the Names and Contact Info of Any Witnesses

On-board a massive cruise ship, it is very likely that there was someone else around the area when you were injured. And at least one or two individuals should be willing to provide you with a witness statement of some kind. This will help to corroborate your legal claim and help your attorney whether it be during a trial or when trying to get a settlement achieved.

These are all important steps to preserve your legal rights during a cruise ship accident claim. Of course, depending on your injuries, you may not be able to take these steps yourself, and you may need the help of a close friend or loved one who has accompanied you during this trip – especially if your injuries have left you bed-ridden. For More Information On All Manner Of Personal Injury Contact Dade City Personal Injury Attorney, Charles Spinner Today.

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