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Cruise Ship Injuries & Liability

With the spring finally here, and the summer months fast approaching, families across Florida, as well as the US, are contemplating their next summer vacation – where they’d like to take their families next. Throughout the past few decades, especially in the state of Florida, one of the most common vacation or trip ideas has been venturing off to an island getaway as a part of a cruise ship. While the idea of a cruise ship may not excite you right away, to many individuals a cruise ship is a trip more so suited for older individuals and couples enjoying their retirement – however, in recent years this isn’t the case. Over the past few years, more and more families and younger couples, many as young as 20 to 25, are choosing to take part in cruise ship vacations. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, considered the Best Personal Injury Lawyer Tampa has to offer, much of this change in cruise ship patrons has come as a result of lower and lower prices and the idea of amazing package deals and unheard-of internet savings – where most millennials and younger couples tend to do their vacation planning.

Most newer cruise lines are offering some of amazing packages which include full food and drink many options, free upgrades to higher end cabins, tons of activities, and on-board nightlife options that would rival some of the hottest clubs in Miami. Plus, this doesn’t even take into account the day and night trips in which the ship will dock at certain Caribbean destinations and island resorts. And while these amazing amenities and even more amazing prices are drawing more and more patrons in each year, in many ways, the lowered costs have been indicative of a somewhat limited, inferior service. Just as much as cruise ship attendance has gone up, so has the number of passengers who have been badly hurt, injured or even killed, while at sea. And one of the major issues here is that being at sea means that they are hours away from the nearest hospital. And even once a passenger has been able to get the treatment they need, justice must be served and these victims deserve to be compensated for the damages caused by the other negligent party. According to Mr. Spinner, the best personal injury lawyer Tampa has in practice, one thing victims should understand is that cruise ship cases will often work far differently from conventional personal injury cases – learn more below.

First and foremost, one of the biggest issues surrounding a cruise ship personal injury claim is the confusion surrounding the jurisdiction. Depending on where the ship might be located at the time the laws that govern the actions of either party may be far different from what we might be used to. Plus, even is a cruise ship being subject to Florida state and federal laws, being that the passengers are currently at sea, the case may also be subject to international maritime laws – something that most attorneys aren’t too familiar with. This is vital to understand, as certain things that might constitute illegal actions away from the water might be punished in a certain specific way within the water as well. Another factor that is important to consider is the types of injuries.

While a cruise ship is generally fun, enjoyable way to relax with family and friends, injuries are quite possible and depending upon the certain types of injuries a victim might be suffering from, it can cause massive changes in the way their case must be fought – as different laws, govern different actions – whether you are at sea or not at sea. Injuries can include things like:

· Any type of injury aboard a cruise ship.

· An injury along the shore during a midday trip of any kind.

· Injuries caused by physical or sexual assaults by cruise ship crew members or passengers.

· And other accidents in which liability might be hard to judge.

According to Mr. Spinner, as the best personal injury lawyer Tampa has to offer, in general, cruise liners have what is called a special duty of care, in order to assure the safety of their passengers from physical or mental harm. Once the passengers agree to their trip, the cruise liner has an obligation to assure that passengers travel from port to port, safely and without any harm – mental or physical, as previously stated. Once this obligation is broken, they are now held liable. However, one of the most important things for patrons to pay attention to is the fine print on their ticket. In many instances, there may be some fine print that absolves the cruise liner of any harm or wrongdoing for certain specific types of accidents or incidents that might occur. In addition, there also might be certain literature that might also place a limit on the statute of limitations for how long you will be able to file a lawsuit of claim of any kind. Also, show this to your lawyer immediately as they will be able to instruct you on the best ways to continue moving forward.

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