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What to Do in the Event of a Dog Bite Accident?

In our society and most modern societies for that matter, pet owners have both a legal and moral obligation to keep the public safe from their pets. And in the state of Florida, with sunshine most of the year, and a number of amazing open expanses, parks, boardwalks, and promenades – often filled with people. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, the best personal injury lawyer Tampa has to offer, all too often, these public spaces are inundated with dog owners, who begin to take their dogs off their leash – despite the fact that it is against the law, and Florida, especially Tampa has a number of dog parks in which dogs can be free of their leashes and run amok! And sure, while the majority of these instances are safe and without much incidence, Mr. Spinner has actually been in a public space when one of these instances led to a dog bite right on the patient’s cheek and chin.

The patient, who was only 12 years old, managed to survive and as the best personal injury lawyer Tampa has in practice was there to bear witness – he ensured the boy and his family got the justice they deserved. And unfortunately, by law, the dog was put down. As the best personal injury attorney Tampa has to offer, while dog bites might not sound like the biggest and most important cases, the fact of the matter is that they were often tied to high dollar amounts as all too often, there might have been a rich family who would pay anything for a settlement of the case, in an effort to drop the actual lawsuit and settle out of court. This would seemingly wash the record, aside from the hospital and despite the legal issues, the family would often be able to keep their dog. Usually, according to Mr. Spinner, as the best personal injury attorney Tampa had around, according to judges, those pets who have behavioral issues, or are not controlled by their owners should be kept away from others, and situations where they can be a danger to others, as well as themselves – therefore they were often put to sleep or kept in a dog pound, a terribly unhappy place for a family dog. Any dog bite or animal attack is a serious issue and the physical injury and emotional trauma that comes from that, that cause lifelong issues to the injured party. Someone must be he’d responsible, and you need the right legal representation to make sure that party is held responsible.

The fact of the matter is, no matter if you are the individual who has gotten bit, or the owner of the dog who allegedly did it, it is vital that you get the best legal representation possible – and in Florida, the best personal injury lawyer Tampa has got is Mr. Charles Spinner of Spinner Law Firm. Offering you the step by step legal counseling you need to file a claim against the responsible party or defended yourself and your dog against the allegations against you both. With these types of incidents there are a number of complicating factors, insurance coverage, the situation which the attack occurred, if the dog was egged on in some way, and the age of the injured party. These factors can easily complicate a legal claim and you must ensure you have an attorney with the knowledge and experience to sift through the details and help you get the justice you deserve! Luckily for you, when you choose the team at Spinner Law Firm, you don’t just get Mr. Spinner, who’s long since been considered to be, the best personal injury attorney Tampa has when it comes to these types of liability and negligence cases – but you also get his vast network of attorneys, investigators, staff, officers, and some of the most valuable resources across the Tampa area, right there at your addition, you’ve got a combination of young, fresh faces, hungry to make their mark in the legal world, and a number of wise, experienced individuals who have seen it all, and built up their own network of support in and around the Tampa area as well! Each level of the Spinner team is here to help you with the winning strategy for your claim. Don’t fall for the bad advice of an inexperienced, unprofessional lawyer, or those that don’t have your best interests at heart, Spinner Law Firm is ready and willing to help you with each and every aspect of your case, from initial medical care, in order to provide medical proof during your claim, a careful detailed, and thorough investigation during your claim, and they will be there to help you celebrate justice by the end of the case – each and every step of the way, that’s their promise to you and your loved ones. So don’t waste another minute, if you’ve been involved in any type of dog bite incident, animal attack – whether you are the injured party or the owner of the pet, act fast and contact Spinner Law Firm today to get the legal compensation and the justice you truly deserve!

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