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Have Fireworks Laws Become More Lax?

With the 4th of July coming up in only a few more days, it has got many children and adults across the state, as well as the better part of the country itself, are all buzzing with excitement. And why wouldn’t they be? the fourth of July has long since been a favorite holiday amongst Americans, as despite certain variations and misconceptions about the true dates and historical facts, the fourth of July is a time in which Americans all over are celebrating their independence and the moment that led to the US becoming the greatest and most free country in the entire world. And while the fourth of July itself is about freedom and independence, to most of us the idea of freedom is the furthest things on our minds and its mostly just about what kinda hot dogs and hamburgers are we putting on the grill. And are we staying in? or heading out to watch the fireworks by the water or something. These are important decisions many Floridians have had to make for years on end, and while you can always count on that uncle or the guy who owns all the pit bulls down the block to have the fireworks “hookup” – as the best injury lawyer Tampa Bay’s Charles Spinner, and his team believe that while fireworks laws haven’t become any more lax, but their enforcement has become far more lax than ever before. As we are starting to see them everywhere, and with people who don’t look like they’ve shopped anywhere but CVS for the last twenty-plus years!

And sure, the days before the fourth of July were always marked as the days to kinda show off your arsenal and to give the neighborhood a sneak peak of what’s in store for the big night. But this year its everybody and their dear old mother who are shooting off bottle rockets, star-climbers and much more! It can get kinds confusing seeing all these fireworks, and wondering that maybe throughout all the hoopla of the last year’s crazy news cycles maybe fireworks became legal? However, according to Mr., Spinner the best personal injury attorney Tampa has to offer, fireworks regulations for private use have been relaxed in many states and localities over the last two decades. While exact regulations may vary on which varieties consumers can purchase and use, the trend in less-restrictive firework laws has been accompanied by a slight increase in firework-related injuries over the same period. In addition, as per Mr. Spinner, the best personal injury attorney Tampa has in practice, in 2015 many states permitted the use of sparklers and other small handheld pyrotechnics in some counties, relaxing their universal ban on consumer fireworks.

Over the next few years, the Tri-State area also revised its fireworks regulations to permit more private purchase and use, though individual counties and cities still may have bans in place.Due to fire concerns, many cities and counties in California retain complete bans on firework use and purchase by private citizens, but state laws permit “safe and sane” firework use in certain localities. Fireworks considered “safe and sane” generally do not fly or explode. According to Mr. Spinner, the best personal injury attorney Tampa has to offer, there is now only one state, Massachusetts, that retains a blanket statewide ban on fireworks save for professional use. If you are unsure whether fireworks are legal where you live and what types you can use, you can check the laws of your county and city for further guidance.

Its also quite important to realize that the fines for illegal fireworks can be quite steep, and can in many instances, include jail time. Besides legal punishments, injuries can occur quite easily as well for handling fireworks without experience, or if you have even the slightest slip of your fingers. Also, when it comes to the laws in Florida, you would think that they’re fairly lax on such things, as Florida is generally not the state to restrict things like this, especially when it for a show of patriotism to the country. However, according to the best injury lawyer Tampa has to offer, Mr. Spinner, under Florida law, only sparklers, approved by the Florida Division of State Fire Marshal, are legal for consumer usage. It is illegal to use exploding and/or flying fireworks in Florida, which include: shells and mortars, multiple tube devices, Roman candles, rockets and firecrackers. One of the biggest things that you absolutely must avoid is crossing state lines, especially into certain states that are tougher on fireworks like Florida. According to the best injury lawyer Tampa Bay’s own Mr. Charles Spinner, illegally transporting fireworks can be a huge issue, and while there are certain ways out of it, it is far better not to test them. For more information on all there is to know about fireworks, personal injury law and more, be sure to contact Spinner Law Firm and make sure to be safe this Independence Day!

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