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Amusement Park Accident Claims

The world of personal injury law has been one of the most common and fastest growing areas across the United States – especially in the state of Florida. From issues such as automobile accidents, or slip and fall claims, to construction site incidents and much more, personal injury law covers a wide array of issues that is constantly growing every single day. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, of Spinner Law Firm, the Best Injury Lawyer Sarasota Florida has to offer, personal injury claims truly cover any sort of incident in which one party is injured or hurt mentally, physically, or takes some type of a loss in property, finances, and more – due to the negligent actions of another, at-fault party, whether that be a person or an entity. And while these types of instances cover a lot of different situations and circumstances, personal injury has seemed quite the immense growth figures over the years. And one of the most interesting, albeit rare, instances in which individuals have been able to invoke the use of a personal injury claim has been in times of amusement park accidents – especially with amusement parks being such a popular activity in the state of Florida. Now to better help clients understand this, Mr. Spinner, the best injury lawyer Sarasota Florida has in practice, offers us some important things to know about amusement park accidents.

Amusement parks are some of the most popular sources of recreation across the entire state of Florida, as well as certain other parts of the country. With fun, games, rides, and shows for the entire family, regardless of age, places like Disney World or Universal Studios are some of the highest trafficked areas in the entire country, as well as a number of smaller amusement parks all along the state of Florida. However, in cases in which the rides might malfunction or safety precautions have been ignored the consequences can be devastating. The speed, height, and velocity of the rides at amusement parks can make for a day of tragedy if something goes wrong.

The thing we must understand about the amusement park in general, is that there are a number of different things that can go wrong, and tons of “moving parts” that if are run improperly or have an operator who isn’t paying attention or is under the influence, it can ruin a lot of things. According to Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury lawyer Sarasota Florida has in practice, this is mainly an issue as each amusement park is different and features a variety of rides and games. Some amusement parks have mostly water slides and aquatic features, while others are known for tall roller coasters and thrill rides. Therefore in an instance where there is a water slide that ends in a pool of 5 feet and is meant for someone who is clearly taller, and someone is let on who doesn’t meet the height requirement, this is an act of gross negligence by the ride’s operator – and there are dozens of other possible causes, some of the most common causes of amusement park accidents include:

· Operator Error or Intoxication

· Design defect in the ride itself.

· Mechanical failure of the ride.

· Animal attacks – for those attractions that might include animals, ie. at a petting zoo.

· Slip and fall – often at a water park or anywhere with slippery floors.

· Electrical Failure within the ride

· Food poisoning

And much more. Depending on the types of rides and attractions at the amusement park, there might be quite a few different types of injuries that an individual might suffer from including things like broken bones, fractures, facial trauma, whiplash, cuts or lacerations, head and neck injuries, internal bleeding, electrocution, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and much more. These types of injuries, similar to other cases and claims, can amount to both economic and non-economic charges including things like present and future lost earnings, present and future medical expenses, rehabilitation, wrongful death damages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium and more.

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