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In the state of Florida, those in the legal world have seen an amazingly exponential increase it the number of lawsuits out there, in fact it seems as though individuals skip straight o litigation – as opposed to speaking out their differences or trying to mediate a resolution. This type of behavior has been quite rampant around the United States, but very few places can say they have even close to the number of cases as southern Florida. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, Esq. the best personal injury attorney Ruskin has to offer, personal injury lawsuits have become the most common type of case within the state. Personal injury lawsuits include a variety of different cases from auto accidents, child care negligence, construction site incidents, worksite injuries, slip and falls and much more. When it comes to such cases, the victim and their attorney must prove that their injuries were attained as a result of the negligence of another party, who must now look to defending themselves amongst the allegations – and over the past three decades plus, slip and fall incidents have accounted for the second most common cases, behind only auto accidents. Despite their popularity however, according to the best personal injury attorney Ruskin has in practice, Mr. Charles Spinner, many individuals are still fairly confused as to what a winning slip and fall claim actually entails. To better educate prospective victims on what they need to know in order to win their claim, Mr. Spinner and his team offer these important things to know.

What is Considered a Slip and Fall Accident?

While it might not seem to be too big of a deal, the fact is that a slip and fall accident can result in a variety of different injuries – some of which are even more severe than those of a high-speed car accident. According to Mr. Spinner, the best personal injury attorney Ruskin has to offer, a slip and fall accident occurs when an individual is injured as a result of falling down – due to a wet or recently washed floor, without the presence of a prominent sign warning them to be careful. Slip and fall accidents can take place in almost any location, including government, private, public or commercial properties. Slip and fall accidents are caused by slippery or uneven, often damaged surfaces, in which the flooring would be considered to be hazardous. And in leaving their floors or walking surfaces in that poor, hazardous condition, the defendant is in essence begin negligent in their duty to fix the floor, making them safe enough for individuals to walk across them, without the possibility of injury. Considered the best personal injury lawyer San Antonio Florida has to offer, Mr. Spinner and his colleagues must prove that negligence in order to win their claim and be compensated financially for their damages and any effects of their injuries.

What Kind of Compensation?

In discussing compensatory damages of a personal injury claim, it is highly dependent upon the specific injuries and what the circumstances of the slip and fall really was. This can be tricky, as to many individuals the idea of a slip and fall seems fairly harmless, but in actuality, victims of a slip and fall can experience some of the most severe injuries, including things like:

· Broken Bones & Fractures

· Strained or Torn Muscles & Ligaments

· Traumatic Brain Injuries & Concussions

· Mental Distress & PTSD

These types of injuries, once your attorney proves that they occurred as a result of the other party’s negligence, can now account for a variety of different damages. According to Mr. Spinner, the best personal injury lawyer San Antonio Florida has in practice, these compensatory damages may include:

· Lost Wages – Past, Present & Future

· Medical Bills – ALL medical bills, including care, transportation, and much more.

· Out of Pocket Expenses

· Pain & Suffering

· Present & Future Mental Distress and PTSD

And much more. The thing that must be proven in such a case or claim, is the liability. According to Mr. Spinner, the best personal injury lawyer San Antonio Florida residents trust for such claims, the liability will rest on the ownership of the property on which the accident occurred. This means that we must prove the negligence of the owner, as the accident may have been prevented if they had taken certain actions. You must illustrate that an owner, who was acting in a proper manner, would have done things to avoid the incident, such as fixing the broken or uneven floors, dried the floors before opening up the venue to others, placed a visible and prominent wet floor warning sign. Such issues can fall under premises liability, the legal concept that a personal has a reasonable expectation of not getting injured on someone’s property – and the owner of that property is responsible for maintaining a safe environment – especially when they have opened that space up to others. Now depending on the type of building the owner could be the government, a commercial business or entity, or even a private individual – who you will now be suing. To find out more about the actual step by step process of a personal injury claim, be sure to contact Mr. Charles Spinner today.

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