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The Facts About Negligence Based Slip and Fall Accidents

When it comes to the world of personal injury lawsuits, the state of Florida has experienced some of the highest increases in claims, year over year in comparison to any other state in the union. The fact of the matter is when you look around the news, and just hear the way people talk on social media, the state of Florida seems to always be in the headlines. From the common “Florida man…” jokes, to the rash of recent crime and epidemic of drugs and violence across the state, its really no surprise. According to Mr. Charles Spinner, of Spinner Law Firm, considered to be the best injury attorney Sarasota has to offer, the state of Florida has been a hotbed for negligence-based accidents, and while serious, almost fatal car accidents are certainly up there, much smaller issues, like pedestrian accidents, amusement park claims, overall negligence, and slip and falls are certainly a big deal across the state as well. In this article today, we will be discussing slip and fall claims, and while they are often considered to be the bread and butter of personal injury law, and are often joked about in popular culture, the fact is that they aren’t as common as one might think – as a result, not as much is known about them as there should be. According to Mr. Spinner, as the best injury lawyer Sarasota has in practice, there’s a lot possible plaintiffs should be aware of – in terms of their rights, what causes such accidents, and what’s common. The truth, though, is that a fall can be the result of negligence in one form or another. Sometimes, the person who fell was himself negligent. But sometimes, what seems like a simple slip and fall “accident” is the result of a breach of responsibility on someone else’s part. The best personal injury lawyer Sarasota has to offer, Mr. Spinner will help to explain this.

Common Negligence Based Slip & Falls Injuries

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to slip and fall cases, the vast majority of such cases occur as a result of the negligence of another party. In many instances, such slip, trip, or fall cases can occur in all different instances, including things like the following.

· If you slip on a snowy or icy walkway or porch which resulted from the unnatural accumulation of snow or ice.

· A slip and fall on a floor in a store or other public place that was left wet or slick after cleaning and does not have appropriate warnings posted.

· If you slip and fall due to a spill in a retail store or restaurant that has not been cleaned up in a timely manner.

· A trip on a broken or uneven sidewalk or floorboard.

According to Mr. Spinner known as the best injury lawyer Sarasota has to offer, in most cases, the property owner or the occupant may be in breach of an unwritten contract between he or she, and their customer base. The fact is that, according to the best injury attorney Sarasota lawyer Mr. Spinner, owners of a property are obligated to keep their premises safe for their clientele. If negligent property maintenance or failure to provide adequate warning of hazardous conditions results in injury, the property owner or occupier will generally be liable to the injured party for damages.

What Kind of Damages Might You be Awarded?

When it comes to a slip and fall, according to Mr. Spinner considered to be the best personal injury lawyer Sarasota has to offer, there are a number of different damages a plaintiff may be entitled to, based on the specifics of their actual case. The most common of such damages include:

· Medical expenses

· Lost income

· Costs of rehabilitation

· Pain and suffering

Who is Entitled to the Damaged in a Slip & Fall Case?

Generally, anyone who is rightfully on the property at the time of the injury may pursue a claim for damages, if he or she suffered harm as a result of the owner’s or occupier’s negligence. According to Mr. Spinner, the best injury attorney Sarasota has in practice, some examples include invited guests, customers, delivery people, and people visiting areas generally open to the public. In Florida, property owners also owe a limited duty of care to trespassers.

What if the Injured Person Was Also Negligent?

In today’s world, everyone is in fault one way or another, so let’s say the person who might have fallen and gotten injured was distracted or doing something wrong at the time. According to the best injury lawyer Sarasota has in practice, Mr. Spinner, the fact is that in most cases, negligence is a sliding scale, and it matters what negligence is worse, and whose negligence is actually at the root cause of the accident in question. While it might limit the amount of total damages, an injury victim who is partially responsible may still recover partial damages.

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