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Amusement Park Negligence Claims

Throughout the state of Florida, amusement parks are some of the biggest and most fun attractions around! From largescale theme parks such as Universal Studios, or the ever-popular Disney World, more individuals flock to Florida each year in order to visit their amusement parks than pretty much any other state in the union – clearly Florida has made a name off its amusement parks. And while a trip to the amusement park, no matter how big or small, is supposed to be a fun time – a day where you and your friends and family can leave your problems behind you and simply enjoy all the amazing, albeit a bit overpriced, amenities. From the greasiest of theme park burgers and fries, to the sweetest of funnel cakes – even the food is a fun time. And if the food doesn’t get to you, then the rides certainly will – rollercoasters, water rides, Ferris wheels, and so much more. While a general day at the amusement park is generally all about the fun – you and your loved ones have got their adrenaline pumping and can’t wait to get inline for the rides of your choice. And with this joyous feeling shared by you and your friends and family, never would you think that this could end in some type of injury at all.

According to Mr. Charles Spinner, Esq. the top personal injury attorney Dade City has to offer, amusement park injuries are a lot more common than you might think – in fact, each and every year thousands of individuals will be injured riding a number of different rides, from the smallest of spinning rides meant for children – like the teacups, to the largest of superhero themed roller coasters – these machines all run on what is often considered to be slightly older technology, and mechanics that haven’t been updated in some time – think about it, the Ferris wheel they bust out every year at your local fair, is still pretty much the same isn’t it? Well its not that much different for larger parks like Disney World. According to Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury attorney Dade City has in practice, the vast majority of injuries occur as a result of ride malfunction and often times, due to the negligence of the operator. In fact, sharp metal edges and uneven surfaces are a staple of the amusement park industry, and while little to no regulation is governing things, children and adults alike are paying the price.

The fact of the matter is that amusement park injuries are some of the worst possible, often due to the poor condition of the rides and lack of health and safety regulation. According to The Consumer Safety Product Commission, about 9,000 people are injured on amusement park rides every year, and while this might be a striking number to you, and according to Dade City personal injury lawyer, Mr. Spinner, the fact of the matter is that these figures only account for those who visited the emergency room after. So not only must you add those figures in, but also there are 3,000 are injured on inflatable rides at amusement parks and still another 3,000 ae injured on water park slides. And to throw some more scary stats at you, according to Mr. Spinner, the top personal injury attorney Dade City has in practice, from about 1990 until the years 2000, just those 10 or so years, upwards of 50 individuals died at amusement parks, and 16 or so, were directly killed due to roller coasters. The main reason for such issues, is the lack of regulation and operational errors as well as a lack of proper upkeep of the machinery. These are all strong forms of negligence, that can be pointed towards a person or even a work culture being directly at fault. In fact according to Dade City personal injury lawyer, Mr. Spinner, the 3 most common reasons for accidents at amusement parks taken down by actual officers include:

· Mechanical Failure – Poor Mechanics

· Improper Operation – Human Error (often this point towards individuals who are inebriated or operating the machinery under the influence of some types of drugs or alcohol).

· Passenger Misuse

For an individual injured at an amusement park, you will need to make a personal injury claim – in order to do so however, it means proving negligence. If you cannot prove that someone was responsible through negligence or intentional means, then you will not have a case. There are numerous situations when the park or an employee will be responsible through negligence. Even if the individual is an employee, then it will be the liability of the park itself. According to the Dade City personal injury lawyer, Mr. Spinner, the following are the strongest examples of negligence, including:

· Failure to post certain warning signs.

· Signs should explain blood pressure and heart problems issues can occur.

· Employees must be trained for safety and how to protect against rider injuries.

· If the employees explain the wrong safety information.

To learn more about what happens during an amusement park injury claim be sure to contact Mr. Spinner today.

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