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The personal injury cases below are examples of successful results obtained by Spinner Law Firm. Every case is different and unique and the result attained in each particular case does not assure the same result even in similar cases.

Hillsborough County – Client struck head on by a drunk driver sustaining multiple injuries including a herniated lumbar disk, fractured sternum, fractured patella and right ankle fracture. Client underwent lumbar disk surgery consisting of a laminectomy and discectomy. Case settled while in litigation for $725,000.00.

Hillsborough County – Backseat passenger of car sustained cervical disk herniation when car she was traveling in was t-boned by another vehicle that drove through a stop sign intersection. While non-surgical in nature, injuries from accident rendered client unable to continue her occupation as a Registered Nurse. Case settled for $280,000.00.

Pasco County – Client was rear-ended while waiting for light to change on SR56 in Wesley Chapel. Client suffered cervical disk herniation and underwent discectomy surgery to repair the injury. Case settled pre-suit for $250,000.00.

Pasco County – Client struck head on by commercial vehicle that crossed the center line. Client sustained multiple broken bones including a fractured femur and fractured tibia. Client underwent multiple surgical procedures including a right ankle open reduction. Awarded policy limits of $1,000,000.00.

Hillsborough County –Client slipped and fell on a wet floor in a restaurant. After lengthy litigation, Spinner Law Firm successfully proved that our client had insufficient warning of wet floor and injuries and need for surgery were related to fall. Case settled for an undisclosed amount of money just before trial.

Hillsborough County – Client injured low back and neck in moderate impact rear end collision. Spinner Law Firm successfully proved at trial that the neck surgery performed approximately four years post accident was causally related to the motor vehicle crash and was medically necessary. Jury verdict of $157,000 which was over three times higher than the insurance company’s highest offer.

Pasco County – Client suffered a cervical disk herniation in a rear end collision. Client underwent cervical discectomy and disk replacement. Client also indicated for future medical treatment. Awarded policy limits of $225,000.00.

Pasco County – Client rear ended as she slowed down for stopped traffic ahead. Trauma from collision caused aggravation of client’s Chiari related symptoms. Spinner Law Firm successfully proved that post-accident symptoms were not pre-existing in nature. Case settled prior to trial for the amount of $110,000.00

Pasco County – Client injured when other vehicle merged into her lane striking the driver side. Client sustained a tear of the distal infraspinatus tendon and underwent multiple surgeries including a transposition of the Ulnar Nerve. Client awarded $290,000.00.

St. Lucie County – Client suffered an acute foot laceration and crush injury when the vehicle that she was exiting began backing out of a driveway, knocking her to the ground, and running over her foot. She sustained an open wound and required plastic surgery. Awarded $200,000.00

Pinellas County – Client suffered laceration of his medial joint capsule and abductor muscle requiring surgery when he fell down the side of dock structure while exiting his personal water craft. Spinner Law Firm successfully established that the dock structure was a hazardous condition and caused the injury. Awarded $180,000.00.

Pasco County – Client’s vehicle was struck broadside when motorist suddenly changed lanes. Client sustained shoulder, and neck injuries requiring surgeries including transposition of the Ulnar Nerve, and anterior cervical disc replacement. Client awarded $299,000.00

Hernando County – Client’s vehicle was struck broadside as it proceeded through intersection. Client sustained multiple injuries to his neck requiring surgery consisting of a multi level anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion. Awarded $227,500.00.

Pasco County – Client struck by vehicle while walking her dog across residential street suffering multiple injuries, including broken bones, head trauma, and lacerations. She underwent emergency surgery to repair her right leg, and right arm. Awarded policy limits of $200,000.00.

Hillsborough County – Client sustained a lower back injury in a rear end motor accident that totaled her vehicle. Client underwent lumbar surgery incurring significant medical bills. Client had evidence of pre-existing degenerative disk disease in lumbar spine. Case settled days before trial for $120,000.00 and Spinner Law Firm successfully negotiated her health insurance lien resulting in a substantial net recovery to the client.

Sarasota County – Client was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck broadside as it passed through intersection. Client sustained numerous serious injuries, including fractured ribs and lacerated kidney. Awarded $156,000.00.

Hillsborough County – Client’s vehicle struck broadside as she exited shopping plaza parking lot. Client sustained a lumbar disk herniation with ridicular symptoms. Client indicated for lumbar surgery. Awarded $105,000.00

Hillsborough County – Victim choked on piece of chicken in an assisted living facility. Spinner Law Firm proved that the facility failed to abide by Doctor’s soft diet instructions. Case successfully settled prior to trial for undisclosed amount.

Hillsborough County – Elderly victim suffered fractured spine as a result of a wheel chair accident while being transported by assisted living facility to doctor appointment. Spinner Law Firm proved that the restraining device used to secure the wheel chair was improper. Case successfully settled prior to trial for an undisclosed amount.

Hillsborough County – Client suffered broken femur bone when she ran into utility truck parked on side of road. Spinner Law Firm argued that the utility company failed to observe proper maintenance of traffic procedures to warn oncoming motorists of the road hazard. The case settled during trial for $135,000.00.

Pasco County – Client struck on his motorcycle as he drove through shopping center parking lot sustaining lower back injury and tear of his supraspinatus tendon. Awarded $55,000.00.

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