Drunk Driving Doesn’t Pay in the State of Florida

Have you been injured in any type of accident? If so you may be in need of a personal injury attorney, like Charles S. Spinner, one of Florida’s best. Mr. Spinner and his amazing team at Spinner Law Firm, are some of the most well known in the field of personal injury. They have been practicing for a number of years, earning their clients amazing judgments. Some of the most common personal injury claims involve parties who may have been driving under the influence, and another party who falls victim to their negligence in being intoxicated. Drunk driving is a serious problem both around the country, and in the state of Florida. Being impaired can cause drivers to drive erratically, faster than usual, and keep them from paying attention to the road in front of them. Equaling to catastrophic issues from the injured party. As a personal injury attorney, Mr. Charles S. Spinner, dedicated his resources to fighting for the innocent victims of such negligence.

As part of Florida law, the perilous nature of drunk driving, is recognized by the recovery of punitive damages for injured victims. Punitive damages are a special variety of damages that can apply in cases where there is evidence that the person responsible for the accident was somehow impaired by alcohol. They are designed to serve as a punishment to those who cause injury due to their conscious disregard or indifference for the life, safety and rights of those around them. They are also designed to deter individuals from taking the wheel when impaired. For a personal injury attorney where there is direct proof of a party being intoxicated, punitive damages can be above and beyond the actual damages awarded in personal injury case. Even when evidence of drunk driving is lacking, if the driver fled for instance. Therefore, it is widely understood by any personal injury attorney in the state of Florida that a case against an individual who is driving drunk is not only a brilliant carriage of justice but also provides those who file claims with a relatively higher judgement or monetary settlement than many other states. Ifyou’re in need of a personal injury attorney, contact Spinner Law Firm now!